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From now on, buying keys will be as easy as possible. Randomkeys will collect any set of keys with the best games in no time at the lowest price on the market. The best approach to selling random steam games in the CIS and Russia. We know well the solvency of the population and its high demands. We have been working for more than four years, have excellent reputation and loyal customers.

Variety of games

More than 1000 different games to choose from will make your store unique.


Randomkeys successfully distributes cd keys Steam since 2013.

Your earnings

No need to help earn "uncle" for the partnership, get all the income yourself!

Our reputation

Look for reviews about Randomkeys on the Internet, for us already all said.

Quality assurance

Our legal steam cd keys never fail. One key in one hand, all honestly.

Business approach

We will collect any number of steam games in the shortest possible time at the lowest price on the market.

There are "buns" favorite customers?

Certainly. There are three levels of favorite customers. First — the most common, most likely you belong to this level, and call you a Guest. For Guests are available absolutely all the advantages of our service, and of the bonuses — only a discount for a large purchase. The second is the Reseller level. It will include those who buy a lot, quite often and deserve good permanent bonuses. The third level is the Top reseller, sound cool? Top reseller is provided with maximum discounts, best opportunities and unique personal recommendations. Is there anything to strive for? Set a goal!


0 $ purchase amount


5000 $ purchase amount

Price list of games for Steam

The main parameter that determines the price of the cd-key to activate the game on the Steam platform is the price of the game in the store. For a more detailed selection can be recommended to use the rating of the game Metacritic, the percentage of positive reviews and genre.

Name Number of different games Price
To fill your account from 250 from 0.03 $ per one key
To fill your account from 700 from 0.06 $ per one key
Cheap and unsigned from 15 from 0.02 $ per one key
Games from 0,99 $ in Steam from 50 from 0.025 $ per one key
Games from 1,99 $ in Steam from 40 from 0.07 $ per one key
Games from 4,99 $ in Steam from 90 from 0.15 $ per one key
Games from 7,99 $ in Steam from 10 from 0.18 $ per one key
Metacritic 70+ and 7.99 $ in Steam from 15 from 0.21 $ per one key
*AAA games in Steam from 20 from 0.6 $ per one key
*AAA Elite (top) games in Steam from 1000 from 0.75 $ per one key

* Note: game AAA do not represent random. Specified minimum price of the game in this category.

Complementary services

When buying keys, you can additionally use the services of a kind of "customization" cd-key. Standard view a La "Name | Key" has long outlived its usefulness... I will not disclose all the cards, but with the help of such a tool you can increase sales tenfold, which is successfully done by Randomkeys Customers!

Name More or example Price
Sorting randomness in a row Example: game 1.. game 2.. game 1.. from 0.0003 $ per one key
Change key view Replacing the separator, adding text, etc. from 0.0015 $ per one key
Adding value to the key from Steam PUBG [40 USD] | XXX-XXX-XXX from 0.015 $ per one key

Payment method

For payment available Payoneer, Paysend Transfer (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc.), Webmoney and other!

Cumulative discount

The more keys you buy - the more permanent fireproof discount on subsequent purchases!

Gabe tensed.


Good thing you're interested. Random keys welcomes you to the digital cd key store for the Steam platform. Random activation keys games on Steam — something for those who like surprises and good games! Because we.. Avast. Apologize. We sell wholesale. So think of it as just a huge popular warehouse store games.

For which countries are suitable keys a all keys for randomness are Region Free. If you do not have your store, sell them on forums, or enter the huge market G2A or Kinguin.

How do I get the purchased keys a When you buy you will receive a text file (Skype, email, Telegram, or even mail) with prepared Randomkeys working activation keys. If you want something new, try additional services, wrote about them a little higher. Usually Resellers choose a type that contains only the name of the game and the key itself. But I can "upgrade" the key in any way, for example: add to the key its value on Steam, change the separator, replace the name of the game with any text, or even remove the name — as you like, in fact!

I want to work with Random keys!

Great, contact us in a convenient way

Skype randomkeys.biz
E-Mail randomkeys.biz@ya.ru
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